Hello. I'm Gary. My most recent goal was to be an official geek. I have now attained that goal with the creation of my web site. I'm a huge fan of the Linux operating system. I mostly use Fedora, but have dabbled with Mandrake (now Mandriva), Suse, Ubuntu, and Knoppix. Outside of my computer interests, I enjoy downhill skiing. I mostly ski the local slopes in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, but will occassionally take a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Mt. Hood, Oregon. I've been using the same Rossignal's for so long, that when I bring them into the shop for sharpening, the clerk behind the desk is usually younger than my skis.

Hello. My name is Lisa. I am a stay at home mom who tends to the needs of our four children and also the needs of Gary. During the few moments that I have I love to scrapbook. I wish I had a little more time so I can get caught up with each child.s book. I also like to do crossword puzzles, it is so relaxing, at least to me. Playing card games, board games and games on the TV with the kids is also a lot of fun, unless of course you win, then the kids get mad. Football season is a tumultuous time in the Fincel household. My oldest son is a Vikings fan, and I.m a huge Miami Dolphins fan. Even though I won.t know a lot of the players on the team this year, I will still remain a fan. I just hope they can win at least once.

Hi, my name is Joey. I am currently a student at NDSU (Go Bison) pursing a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. Though I haven't quite decided what I want to use that degree for yet, I knew that engineering was the path I wanted to take. I am an avid Vikings fan staying loyal through the good times and the bad. I still hope to live to see the day the Vikings win the Super Bowl... I can dream. My favorite seasons have got to be the fall and winter. Being that my dad was such a dedicated skier when he was young, I was brought up skiing. I have been skiing almost every year since I was 5 years old and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Even though I usually only ski on small hills that are around either the Twin Cities area or the Fargo-Moorhead area, I do occasionally go up North and ski up in the Lutsen area with my extended family. When the weather is too cold to go skiing, I enjoy playing video and computer games. During the spring and summer months I enjoy golfing. Though I started taking up the sport later than some (Freshmen year of high school), I have grown to enjoy the sport and even played on our high school's golf team.

Hello people of the Internet, my name is Kaitlyn. This year, I am a junior at St. Croix Lutheran High School, and while I don't play sports anymore like I did in grade school, I help out with coaching at Bloomington Lutheran still. I've been looking at a few colleges recently, and have narrowed it down to three. Otherwise, school life is pretty normal. My heart has definitely been set on ceramics being my favorite subject since there is no set curriculum, and I am able to make whatever I want with the low and high fire clay. Inside and outside of school, I am basically a social outcast that tends to want to be alone. I spend a lot of my free time either reading or writing, which would make sense since I plan to publish a book someday.

Hi. My name is Joshua. When I was little, the doctor didn't know why I wasn't gaining weight, why my head was big, why my hands and feet were so long, and why I was so tall. I didn't find out until I was four years old I had a genetic disorder called Sotos Syndrome. I had surgery to make some repairs that included plugging a big hole in my heart. In the summer, I like to ride my bike and scooter. I also like to play outside with my sister. In the winter, I like to ski (I just learned in March 2008). I also like to play in the snow, make a snowman and of course eat it. When I am inside, I like to make a big mess in the family room and dining room table with my trains and cars. I also like to play on my computer.

Hi. My name is Christine. I am the big reason my dad set up this web site. I was born with HLHS, which means I only have half a heart. Though I came into the world with major difficulties, I'm a happy girl. I love to swim, play volleyball and kickball. My favorite TV shows are Spongebob Squarepants and Fuller House.

For the first two years of my life, my mom kept a journal of how I was doing. You can click on the link below to see that journal.

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